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TENCEL Pillowcases

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Silky soft and naturally pure, Woven™ TENCEL® pillowcases will ensure your sleep is refreshingly comfortable. The luxuriously smooth fiber structure from eco-friendly resources pampers your skin with balanced moisture management and temperature regulation qualities to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

  • Stunningly soft fibers are perfect for sensitive skin - Discover deep sleep with TENCEL performance sheets.
  • TENCEL fiber is extracted from raw eucalyptus trees. Its raw fiber is perfectly smooth compared to cotton, wool, and linen.
  • TENCEL wicks moisture 50% more effectively than cotton, keeping you comfortable as you sleep.
  • Small Eco-friendly footprint - TENCEL is made from renewable resources.
  • Its production uses 10-20 times less water than cotton.