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Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Mattress

Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Mattress
Edge 7000 Highness Pride mattress Mediterranean Dreams Sleeptronic

Deciding to upgrade your mattress is critical to ensure the best night's sleep. Investing in this essential household item is vital for a peaceful night's sleep and a restful morning. If that time is near, here are a few tips to help make an informed decision when purchasing a new mattress:

  1. Think about your preferred level of comfort. If you desire a mattress that perfectly balances softness and support, a firm mattress is an excellent supportive option with minimal transfer. The Highness Pride, Firm, or Edge 7000, Firm are both great options that include cooling technology, foam-encased coils, and a polyfoam support layer. 
  2. You'll also want to think about the materials used in the mattress. Regularly upgrading can ensure your mattress is inclusive of the most recent technology. For example, the Mediterranean Dreams model includes DeepFreeze 75% Plus to draw excess heat away from the body, which is perfect for Texas weather. Another great feature is the Calm Cooling Comfort Gel Infused Memory foam, which provides pressure relief for temperature control and comfort. Lastly, the Mediterranean Dreams is hand tufted, which adds durability and a beautiful visual aesthetic. However, whether you prefer memory foam or innerspring coils, mattresses made with high-quality materials will be the best option for maximum comfort and durability. 
  3. Consider your budget and invest in a mattress to benefit your health and well-being. Regularly upgrading your mattress can ensure you get the most out of your sleep experience. Not only can it improve the quality of your sleep, but it can also benefit your overall health and well-being. Investing in a high-quality mattress is a wise decision that can significantly impact your daily life. A common rule of thumb is to consider upgrading every eight years. With financing options and great prices, Sleep Wright Mattresses offers many options in various sizes. A great night's sleep should not be debatable. 

Don't settle for a subpar sleeping experience - upgrade your mattress today and experience the best sleep of your life.